Door County Parent Café

Upcoming Parent Cafe's


What Are Parent Cafés?

Parent Cafés are a series of group conversations for parents where you can:

  • Meet new people / Make new friends
  • Share ideas / Get new ideas
  • Share your hopes and dreams for your family
  • Engage in positive conversation
  • Learn about community resources

Are Parent Cafés For Me?

Are you a parent, grandparent, or someone who is actively involved in raising a child? If so, the answer is “yes”!

Where Do They Take Place?

Places where parents feel welcome. (schools, churches, community organizations, businesses)

Are They Free?

Yes! Parent Cafés are free for participants.

Is there Child Care? Food?

Many of the Parent Café sites do provide child care and food for participants.

How Are They Different From Regular Conversations?

At the Parent Café, parents use a tried-and true process and set of questions to draw out the thoughts, feelings, and experiences they need to talk about. Having these conversations helps build 5 Protective Factors that keep your family strong. Most important, the Parent Café process includes follow-up, leading to real change in your life, your family, and your community.

Will I Feel Safe Talking About Difficult Things?

Parent Cafés are all about bringing difficult situations and emotions to the surface, bearing witness to each other, and building the strength we need to be good parents. To make sure that happens, Parent Cafés create a safe environment where participants:

  • Speak from their own experience, using “I” statements
  • Listen attentively and don’t interrupt
  • Don’t put down themselves or others
  • Refrain from giving advice
  • Keep confidentiality
  • Couples and parents who know each other join separate conversation groups so they can speak freely and get a fresh perspective. (optional)

Who Leads Parent Cafés?

Trained Parent Hosts help everyone get the most out of the conversation.  Parents also organize, facilitate, and plan Parent Cafés and train other parent leaders.


Each Raising a Thinking Child course utilizes background checked volunteers to watch the parent participants’ children while the parents are attending class. The course is 6 sessions long, meet weekly, include free childcare and a meal. Volunteers will receive the free meal as well should they choose to arrive at the designated meal time prior to the session.

The course is offered periodically throughout the year either on a weeknight or on a weekday and each session will require 2 hours of your time. 

If this is something you would like to learn more about and possibly volunteer for click here or contact Rebecca Paulsen at (920) 421-3145 or email her at