Community Connections

What is Community Connections?

judgement-free-zone-signCommunity Connections offers FREE and CONFIDENTIAL support by matching you and/or your family with a Community Connector who can provide information, peer support and help you navigate Door County services if need be.

Who Can Use Community Connections?

  • ANY Door County, Wisconsin family, or caregiver, seeking answers to ANY questions relevant to living in Door County and raising children can seek support from Community Connections.
  • Anyone enrolled in K-12 schooling and has not yet graduated.

Who is our Community Connector?

A Community Connector is someone who:

  • Resides in Door County, WI
  • Has similar life experience
  • Has received support from Door County service providers
  • Knows what local resources are available to families
Connecting families by providing resource referrals, information and support.

Community Connections Process…

Family Engagement Meeting

The Community Connector will contact your family to arrange a family engagement meeting. During this meeting the Community Connector will describe in more detail what Community Connections is all about, what their role as a Community Connector is and how your family can benefit.

Family Referrals

Depending on your family’s current needs, the Community Connector will offer to make appropriate referrals to service providers based on your level of comfort.

Follow Up

The Community Connector will follow up with your family to check in and see if there is any further support that can be offered.

Examples of Community Connections Outcomes…

  • inform-and-supportReferrals to Local Resource Providers
    • Basic Needs, Family Support, Mental Health
  • Youth Transition to Adult Services
  • Parent Peer Mentorship

Other Family Supports Available…

  • Community Connector can attend service provider appointments with you
  • Parent engagement, education and leadership opportunities