Welcome Letter

We're All In This Together

Hello all Door County Parents, Community Members and Service Providers!

I am so glad you stopped by The Door County Parents website!


The “Door County Parents” website was manifested through a vision I had after receiving support from the Door County Coordinated Community Services program and my daughter’s Coordinated Services Team. I was going through some very tough times with my daughter and the program has proven to be a priceless resource.

I actually have 5 children; a 21 year old son, a 20 year old son, a 15 year old son, an 8 year old daughter and a baby boy who earned his angel wings early at 4 months of age in January of 2000.

I’ve been at this parenting thing for a long time and the road has not been an easy one. It never seems to get any easier either. Each of my children are unique in their own way, very rarely did I have a tool in my parenting chest that worked for more than one of my kids.

After the last one and half years of getting some help with how to parent my “spirited” daughter, I thought it sure would be nice for there to be a place in this County Rebecca and her daughter that other parents could go and get some helpful tools, tips, tricks, resource information and feel like part of – well – “A Village”.

So, I set about creating this website and a Facebook page too. As my little home grown project was evolving, I had an opportunity to share my website and Facebook page with the County CST/CCS Board which I am a Parent Rep on and then the Door County Partnership for Children and Families Committee. This then lead to a request to attend the next Door County Partnership for Children and Families Marketing sub-committee.

At that meeting I was asked if I would be open to partnering with the Door County Partnership for Children and Families program. They  were excited to see what I had created and I was excited they were interested. We had a common goal and now a common platform to meet that goal. It is very gratifying to see my little project turn into something even bigger so quickly.

With that all being said this website and Facebook page are meant to serve parents residing in Door County, Wisconsin. The information presented on this website is the result of a collaborative effort between myself, the Partnership Committee, other Door County Parents, Community Members and Service Providers.

The goal here is that we as parents, community members and service providers work collaboratively to foster a generation of happy, emotionally, physically and socially prepared young adults.

SO, feedback, ideas, comments, concerns, etc for this website and Facebook page are highly sought after. Please do not hesitate to communicate. Afterall, it takes a village to raise a child.

Your Parent Partner & Fellow Door County Parent

~ Rebecca Davis