July 29, 2020
by: Chad Welch, Community Impact Coordinator – Education

During these times of added stress and anxiety not only for adults, but especially for children, it’s always nice to have another tool to put into our parent toolbox. There are many methods to help children build coping mechanisms for stress, below and the connected resources are just a few. Anytime we can help our children build resilience for what life will no doubt throw at them, the better they will become at coping. Who knows, along the way we, the adults may learn a thing or two (certainly bust a move dancing)! Just copy & paste the web address below.
“From breathing to journaling to moving to talking, my parents guided me through a variety of techniques to quell my anxiety growing up. On those days where nothing felt like it was working, one thing always helped: music.

In fact, I remember lying under my pink canopy bed listening to 
Just like Heaven by The Cure (yes, I grew up loving 80s alternative rock). 🙂 The moment the song started, I would get lost in the verse, immersed in the beat, and have a feeling like there was something so much more to life than those anxious moments. Music has been shown to elevate mood and foster hope and it’s the inspiration behind this week’s gift: I am Strength the GoZen! Album!

Every song in this album we’ve created for you is infused with a little science. For example, the song 
A Different Light teaches kids their body can handle panicky experiences. “Like a roller coaster, I’m not in danger. Like a scary movie, this will soon be over.”  The title song I am Strength includes all 24 research-based strengths from the VIA Character Strength Classification. The original 5Cs song from the GoZen! program teaches kids how to handle challenging thoughts. We hope you enjoy this music written, performed, and produced by our GoZen! team.”
Renee Jain, Chief Storyteller @ GoZen!