Summer Fun Activities #4


Games and Activities #4

Some of the best parenting advice I ever received was: “When it rains, play in the rain.” There are ways of making the best out of any situation, this one included. We have a unique opportunity here: We can make the COVID-19 crisis into a moment that will live vividly in our kids’ memories, so that in other times of uncertainty they’ll recall fondly how their family pulled together and made the best of things, and they’ll be able to do the same.

  1. Bust out the flashlights and go on a ghost hunt
  2. Make your own bingo game
  3. Learn how to tie cool knots

4. Go on the Duolingo App and learn a new language for free
5. Make your own crossword puzzles
6. Make your own Sudoku

7. Practice drilling holes in scrap wood
8. Hammer nails into scrap wood
9. Practice reading to the pets or grandparents (via Zoom / Skype / Facetime)
10. Play with their older toys

11. Learn coding for free through MIT
12. Go on a Sunday drive any day of the week
13. Make a dollhouse with shoeboxes

14. Empty furniture from the middle of a room and do somersaults across it-notice I didn’t say cartwheels!
15. Teach your old dog, or puppy, new tricks
16. Play the game of Clue using real props, costumes and rooms in your house

17. Have a backyard campfire
18. Play Alligator-sidewalk is the river and one person is the Alligator that lives in it. Everybody else has to try to cross the river without getting caught. When caught, they become Alligators until only one person is left. This is the new Alligator.
19. DIY manicures and pedicures

20. Find, sort, and wrap all of the loose change

  • Sturgeon Bay Blessing Boxes – there are little blessing boxes around Sturgeon Bay that have non-perishable food items and personal care items available for free. Just walk up and take what you need. Here is a map of blessing box locations. Sturgeon Bay Blessing Boxes
  • Affordable Preventative Vet Pop Up Clinic – For dogs and cats — Microchipping, vaccinations, testing & deworming, heartworm prevention, flea & tick medications are available at Tractor Supply in Sturgeon Bay through PetVet at very reasonable pricing. see full details on the PetVet website.

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