How can a family reduce stress during this time of uncertainty? What can help keep or bring happiness to your family during the COVID-19 crisis or anytime?

In the second post in this series, I shared how to create a points system for recognition. In this, the third in the series, I will share a way to bring “method to the madness.” The objective for creating a set method in your family is to bring a sense of oneness and reinforce the shared family values.


These are some ideas for parts of a family system or method. These are not the end all be all, but are a good starting point. Remember-it’s important to develop these with the entire family.

  1. Weekly Family Meeting
  2. Daily Family Stand-up
  3. Task Cards
  4. Task boards with rows for each family member

Next, it’s important that there is a common and understood vocabulary (e.g.-can pass inspection, responsibility or chore, family stand-up, weekly family meeting or promised).

The common vocabulary is then used on a cork board or another board to allow for posting family content and each individual responsibility. Place these boards in a prominent place so they are seen often!

Now place various types of tasks on the boards in each family member’s row. The specific data is developed by the children.

*Daily & Personal Tasks-these always stay with one person; e.g. feeding your own pet

*Daily & Shared Tasks-these rotate every planning meeting; e.g. emptying the dishwasher or sorting laundry

*Weekly & Personal Tasks-these stay with one person; e.g. cleaning your room

*Weekly & Shared Tasks-these rotate every planning meeting; e.g. sweeping the driveway

*Ad-hoc responsibilities-these are added at any time and thrown away when completed


Try using white index cards for weekly tasks and pink for shared tasks. Daily tasks are displayed in a checklist so everyone can see the progress on getting them completed. You can keep track of the daily points and Cotchas on these boards too!