How to Share Books with Your Children

6-10 Years Old

                6-10 Year Olds Can:

  1. Choose a book from school, the library or with you that they want to read together
  2. Begin to sound out some of the words in the books (they may be able to read)
  3. Predict what might happen next (before turning the page)
  4. Retell a part or the entire story you’re reading
  5. Tell you what they think about the story
  6. They can imagine how they might have changed some parts of it
  7. Tell you the story in their favorite book in their own words
  8. Talk about how the story reminds them of things they have done or how they felt

You Can:

  1. Find a quiet, cozy place to cuddle up with a good book
  2. Let your child practice his reading skills by reading out loud
  3. Stop and ask your child to tell you what he thinks about the story
  4. Ask how he thinks the characters in the story are feeling
  5. Ask your child how he may have told the story differently
  6. Ask what message the story gave
  7. Take your child to the library to choose books you both want to read


Remember that reading together starting when children are young is powerful. It’s a way to build healthy habits that can last a lifetime.