Reading with your child 18-29 months


How to Share Books with Your Children

18 to 23 Months Old

                18 to 23 Months Can:

  1. Choose a book to share & tell you they want more book or another
  2. Point to a favorite picture & say a word or two about it
  3. Look at familiar animals and make their sounds
  4. Finish some sentences from books they know well, such as: Happy faces or Sad faces
  5. Enjoy a trip to your local library for story time

You Can:

  1. Find a quiet, cozy place to cuddle up with a few sturdy books
  2. Use reading together as a way to calm and comfort your child
  3. Read the same book again. Toddlers learn by repetition
  4. Help your toddler understand by speaking in slow, short sentences. Wait for her to take a turn
  5. Make up games while looking at the pictures.
  6. Copy the name your toddler gives a picture, then add a comment like: Yes, a plane! The plane is flying. The plane is flying in the sky.

24 to 29 Months Old

                24 to 29 Month Olds Can:

  1. Choose a favorite book to read with you
  2. Love reading the same book over and over
  3. Repeat some of the words or phrases you say or read
  4. Ask you questions about the pictures or story
  5. Love laughing at silly stories

You Can:

  1. Find a quiet, cozy place to cuddle up with a few sturdy books
  2. Use reading together as a way to calm & comfort your child
  3. Start a discussion by repeating an important word your child has just said
  4. Respond with excitement to your child’s questions and comments
  5. Use different voices for different characters
  6. Count pictures and wait for your child to repeat the numbers after you
  7. Take your child to the library


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