Reading with your child 12-17 months


How to Share Books with Your Children

12 to 14 Months Old

                12 to 14 Months Can:

  1. Choose a favorite book to read with you
  2. Point to pictures in a book they want you to look at too
  3. Explore a book by putting it in their mouth, turning it upside down or opening/closing it. They may also explore by dropping it, listening for the sound.
  4. Copy your reactions to the book you are enjoying together
  5. Pay attention for a few minutes at a time.

You Can:

  1. Find a quiet, cozy place to cuddle up with a few sturdy books
  2. Name the pictures your baby is pointing to or looking at
  3. Help turn the pages following your baby’s interest
  4. Read w/ joy & enjoyment. Use different voices for different characters.
  5. Ask your child questions she can answer by pointing.
  6. Imitate sounds your child makes while looking at the pictures. Then add a short phrase such as: Moo, the cow says moo.

15 to 17 Months Old

                15 to 17 Month Olds Can:

  1. Choose a favorite book to read with you
  2. Look at familiar pictures in the books. More their own sounds for some of the pictures.
  3. Point to 1 or 2 animals and make the animal’s sound
  4. Laugh, squeal, and point while enjoying a favorite book with you
  5. Pay attention to a book for a few minutes at a time

You Can:

  1. Find a quiet, cozy place to cuddle up with a few sturdy books
  2. Let your toddler choose which books to read
  3. Read the same book again if your child wants
  4. Name & say a few words about the pictures your child is looking at
  5. Use different voices for different characters
  6. Make up games while looking at pictures like: Where’s the girl’s nose? Where’s mommy’s nose? Where’s your nose?
  7. Name & demonstrate actions or emotions in a book such as laughing. Look at the boy laughing. Then laugh with your toddler.


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