FREE Public Event: Light dinner and refreshments will be served

A strong start for all our kids can lead to a healthier, safer, better educated and more prosperous and equitable America. The Raising of America – Signature Hour is the premiere episode of a 5-part documentary series. The program interweaves the latest discoveries from neuroscience with the stories of families and communities doing all they can to provide the nurturing environments all babies and young children need to thrive.

Please join us for a community viewing and discussion of the ambitious film The Raising of America. This film seeks to reframe the way we look at early child health and development. It also illustrates how a strong start for all kids leads not only to better learning, earning, and physical and mental health, but also to a healthier, safer, better educated, and more prosperous community in return.  Come learn from our expert community panel members and join in the dialogue! 


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