Building the Strengthening Families Protective Factors

Every person & every family needs protective factors!

Protective factors are strengths within families & communities that serve to protect their healthy development & well-being, especially during times of stress. Building these strengths at every opportunity is a proven way to strengthen families and prevent child abuse & neglect.

*Parental Resilience. Strength, flexibility & courage during stress to deal with challenges.

*Social Connections. Parents need friends, family & neighbors that care about them and their children.

*Concrete Support in Times of Need. Everyone needs help sometimes; it’s okay to ask for help, which builds resilience.

*Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development. Parenting is part natural & part learned; there’s no such thing as a perfect parent.

*Social & Emotional Competence. Through positive interactions with caring adults, children learn to communicate, develop & learn to use their thinking skills appropriately.

The safety & well-being of our children is essential. Children who are treated with respect & exposed repeatedly to positive parenting have an increased chance to become caring & nurturing caregivers themselves. In addition, kids that receive the necessary education, care & attention help ensure healthier adults, successful citizens & safer communities.