Each academic year Wisconsin Statewide Parent Educator Initiative (WSPEI) holds a Leadership Development Opportunity for Families of Children with Disabilities Ages 6 to 14. 

Parents in Partnership asists parents to:

  • learn about valuable resources
  • plan ahead for their child and family
  • learn more within the topics of: health care, education, policy making, inclusion and self-determination as well as other subject matter of interest to this particular group of parents
  • strengthen partnerships between the many professionals they interact with on behalf of their children
  • work on their own family or community project
  • learn about planning for life after high school
     learn about valuable resources and adult services
     become part of a network of parents who have youth with disabilities
     explore ways to share the information they have learned

For further information go to the  PiP Webpage

Registration, food, overnight stay and resources are paid for with a DPI IDEA Discretionary Grant