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Sturgeon Bay – Escape Rooms Fall Event


Need an idea for a date night, family fun night, or just a hang out with your friends night? Well look no further!



You can either leave your devices in the car or we will have locked storage available for them while you are participating.  


The United Way of Door County internal programs (AOD Coalition, STRIDE and Door County Partnership for Children and Families) in collaboration with the Door County YMCA are hosting an ESCAPE ROOM NIGHT!

The first event of its kind in Door County promises to be an awesome experience!


There are four Escape Room themes to choose from:

(max group size is 8 people)

FROST (under 12 ok)– Life takes a turn for the mysterious when a lost Wisp whispers in your ear, “Please help. I’ve lost my memories! Follow this enchanted map to the Winter Faire, complete the trials, and help me remember who I am.”

THE MUMMY (under 12 ok) – Your great-grandfather discovered the tomb of an ancient pharaoh. Now, reading his journals, it seems he had a secret…

ENVY (12 or older)– Look, none of us had a kind word to say about ol’ Carnegie, but the toff’s gone missing at his own party! Detective, head to the mansion and sort this mystery out.

ESCAPE ROOM Z (12 or older) – Somehow, Resident Evil didn’t prepare us for the apocalypse. These zombies are hungry for pizza, and they’re everywhere! Smash-cut to you, trapped in an empty storage bunker with the last pizza in town… time for an escape plan…

If you plan to book you will be required to agree to the terms of booking which includes a commitment to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your time slot. If you need to cancel your slot please do so as soon as you know so that your slot can be offered to the next group on the list. 

Participating as a Family? Come Early or Stay After and Enjoy Time at Our Block Party!

What’s a Block Party?

Glad you asked! A Block Party is a fun interactive way for families to learn and play together. We will have different stations of blocks (from GIANT waffle blocks, to magnetic blocks, to classic wooden blocks and more) set up for you all to explore together. Each station provides children the opportunity to enhance different skills.


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