Door County Child Care Directories

Finding child care can feel like an overwhelming task. In an effort to provide families with child care options and increase accessibility to child care, United Way of Door County provides the following information.

Become a Home Based Child Care Provider

Are you struggling to find childcare and the thought of paying for childcare seems out of reach based on what you would make if you were to get a job?

What if you were able to earn money at home while caring for your own children at the same time?


Door County Child Care Providers

United Way of Door County provides the Door County Child Care Directory as a public service to increase the visibility of different child care options in Door County.

Trained Babysitters

This list includes babysitters that completed American Red Cross Babysitter Training through the United Way of Door County.

Child Care Checklist

Evaluating child care may seem an overwhelming task, especially if you are new to child care services. This checklist can help.