“Safe at Home” Articles for Parents

We Don’t Need to Talk About COVID All of the Time. (11/12/2020) - November 12, 2020by: Chad Welch, Community Impact Coordinator – Education As the pandemic continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, our conversations may start to feel like they’re getting stale and repetitive – if not anxiety-inducing. While there’s no... Continue Reading →
summer Summer in the Time of COVID-19 (6/10/2020) - Wow! Summer vacation sure looks different! Summer break will no doubt be different for families all over the world this year. Should we gather? Can we gather? Is it safe yet? How long with these masks? The questions go on... Continue Reading →
reading-6-10-yrs-website-post Reading with your child 6 to 10 years (5/19/2020) - How to Share Books with Your Children 6-10 Years Old                 6-10 Year Olds Can: Choose a book from school, the library or with you that they want to read together Begin to sound out some of the words in... Continue Reading →
reading-4-5-yrs-website-post Reading with your child 4 to 5 years (5/11/2020) - How to Share Books with Your Children 4 Years Old                 4 Year Olds Can: Tell you which books they want to read with you Pretend to read a favorite book out loud to you Tell you how a story... Continue Reading →
mhm-chad-anxiety-2-website-post Mental Health Moment with Chad: Anxiety and Door County Youth Part 2 (5/11/2020) - In the first post about anxiety in our children, we learned the difference between anxious feelings and clinical anxiety. That understanding is important for us, as parents or caregivers to understand as we all live through COVID-19. Once we as... Continue Reading →
mhm-chad-axiety-1-website-post Mental Health Moment with Chad: Anxiety and Door County Youth (5/2/2020) - Because of COVID-19, Anxious feelings are understandably very high in youth right now. My daughter is in 8th grade in middle school and gets waves of many emotions–such as anxious feelings related to not seeing friends, missing the end of... Continue Reading →
reading-30-35-website-post Reading with your child 30-35 months (5/2/2020) - How to Share Books with Your Children 30 to 35 Months Old                 30 to 35 Months Can: Look at a book you are holding and talk about it Tell you the names of the stories they want to share... Continue Reading →
reading-18-29-website-post Reading with your child 18-29 months (5/2/2020) - How to Share Books with Your Children 18 to 23 Months Old                 18 to 23 Months Can: Choose a book to share & tell you they want more book or another Point to a favorite picture & say a... Continue Reading →
reading-12m-17m-website-post Reading with your child 12-17 months (4/22/2020) - How to Share Books with Your Children 12 to 14 Months Old                 12 to 14 Months Can: Choose a favorite book to read with you Point to pictures in a book they want you to look at too Explore... Continue Reading →
Family Talk Time – Week 4 (4/20/2020) - Here we are, week four dealing with COVID-19. While staying home and practicing social distancing, families have a golden opportunity to talk with one another. Here are some conversation starter ideas to last a week. Make sure each person has... Continue Reading →