Community Connector – Rebecca Nicholson

Hello! I am a Door County native and have three adult sons, one son w/angel wings, & one daughter. I have spent my entire adult life struggling either because of my own poor choices, or an unfortunate life circumstance or event. I am a domestic violence survivor, I have: been a homeless parent, lived in poverty, moved too many times, grieved over my infant son, had to pick up my children from school because of suspension, find a new daycare because they got expelled when they were toddlers, and more….

Today, my three sons are doing great and even better than I was at their age. My daughter has struggled for many years but we have made great progress utilizing the resources and support available to us here in the county. She has really flourished and is doing very well now. I am doing well too; I am very happy that I am able to use my life experience to support others.

Our lives would not be how they are today if I hadn’t received support from community services like WIC, Door-Tran, DC Housing Authority, HELP of Door County, food pantries, Dept. of Health and Human Services, Family Services of NEW, We are Hope, counseling, and many more…

I know first hand how parenting, and sometimes just life, can be challenging. I want you to know I am here to listen and support you in any way that I can to make your journey a bit easier. 

Be respected. Be empowered. Be Informed

Rebecca was nominated as Featured Early Childhood Education (ECE) Professional for her work with families

rebecca-nicholsonRebecca Paulsen

Community Connector for the Door County Partnership for Children and Families, a program of the United Way of Door County.

My journey to serve as a community connector really began as I struggled to find available supports and services for my family. When my youngest child was 6 years old, she was struggling with many social and emotional challenges and was exhibiting extreme negative and dangerous behaviors both at school and at home. Read more…