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Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities through Exercise serves children with cognitive, sensory, and physical disabilities. Group programs focus on skill development through recreational activity and play. This program gives children with disabilities a new opportunity to be active after school. RIDE4KIDS… Continue Reading →

Healthy Door County 2020

About: Healthy Door County 2020 is a collaborative leadership team dedicated to improving nutrition initiatives throughout Door County. Mission: Through a broad focus on nutrition outreach initiatives, we will create sustainable change towards a healthy well-balanced community. We reach sustainable change… Continue Reading →

Familywize – 3 Critical Conversations for Managing Your Child’s Medications at School

If you are preparing to send a little one back to elementary or middle school this year, you likely have a lot on your mind. If your student also takes medications during the school day, then you have even more… Continue Reading →

Five for Families

There are 5 Strengths that can help your family prepare for life’s challenges. Every family faces challenges. And every family has strengths they can draw on when things get tough. Tantrums and tough questions, a demanding job or a family… Continue Reading →

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