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Rebecca Nicholson

Protective Factor #5-Social-Emotional Competence of Children

Early childhood is a period of both great opportunity and vulnerability. What happens to us in early childhood sets the stage for later health, well-being and learning. In the past, most of the focus was on building young children’s academic… Continue Reading →

Protective Factor #4-Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development

Having accurate information about raising young children and appropriate expectations for their behavior help parents better understand and care for children. It is important that information is available when parents need it, that is, when it is relevant to their… Continue Reading →

Protective Factor #3-Concrete Support in Times of Need

All parents need help sometimes-help with the day-to-day care of children, help in figuring out how to sooth a colicky baby, help getting to the ER when a bad accident happens, help in managing one’s own temper when fatigued or… Continue Reading →

Protective Factor #2-Social Connections

  Friends, family members, neighbors, and other members of a community provide emotional support and concrete assistance to parents. Social connections help parents build networks of support that serve multiple purposes: they can help parents develop and reinforce community norms… Continue Reading →

Protective Factor #1-Parent Resilience

  No one can eliminate stress from parenting, but building parental resilience can affect how a parent deals with stress. Parental resilience is the ability to constructively cope with and bounce back from all types of challenges. It is about… Continue Reading →

Protective Factors Introduction

Building the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Every person & every family needs protective factors! Protective factors are strengths within families & communities that serve to protect their healthy development & well-being, especially during times of stress. Building these strengths at… Continue Reading →

Reading with your child 6 to 10 years

How to Share Books with Your Children 6-10 Years Old                 6-10 Year Olds Can: Choose a book from school, the library or with you that they want to read together Begin to sound out some of the words in… Continue Reading →

Reading with your child 4 to 5 years

How to Share Books with Your Children 4 Years Old                 4 Year Olds Can: Tell you which books they want to read with you Pretend to read a favorite book out loud to you Tell you how a story… Continue Reading →

Mental Health Moment with Chad: Anxiety and Door County Youth Part 2

In the first post about anxiety in our children, we learned the difference between anxious feelings and clinical anxiety. That understanding is important for us, as parents or caregivers to understand as we all live through COVID-19. Once we as… Continue Reading →

Mental Health Moment with Chad: Anxiety and Door County Youth

Because of COVID-19, Anxious feelings are understandably very high in youth right now. My daughter is in 8th grade in middle school and gets waves of many emotions–such as anxious feelings related to not seeing friends, missing the end of… Continue Reading →

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