What to do about Screen Time

Since the pandemic began, I have heard more and more frequently that parents are concerned about phone time. This, the amount of time their children spend engaged with their phones. […]

What does research say about raising “great” kids (daughter’s needs)?

Not all kids are raised under the same circumstances. For example, some have two biological parents, others no biological parents at all, and yet, these children are not at a disadvantage. As of late, large bodies of research on biological child-and-parent relationships within and across genders has highlighted a range of “needs” mothers and fathers or other guardians are able to fulfill for children. Of course, there is more to “the story,” each represents one piece of a complex puzzle between parent and child. If one of these items goes unmet, it does not mean that a child is in jeopardy or cannot have a meaningful relationship with parents or guardians, or with others. In July, we will read about a daughter’s needs. In August, we will look at what a son’s needs are.

Anxiety & the Return to School

Over the past few months, numerous parents have expressed concerns about their children and the return to in-person learning. Though conventional wisdom seemed that kids would welcome a return to […]

Kids, Phones and Establishing Rules


Whether I was a teacher, high school administrator, or youth pastor, I have always believed that children need and yes, want rules. Rules, i.e. structure is something we all need […]

Here We Go Again! COVID & 2022

Here we are in another year of seemingly endless pandemic protocols, uncertainty and frustration. On a personal level, I’ve managed to dodge COVID, but have never been as sick in […]

Which Parenting Style is Most Successful?

I’m quite certain that I’m not alone in this-not one of my four children came with a manual. In fact, we all have probably thought about how nice it would […]

10 Tips to Help Children Enjoy Reading

Reading should be fun! What you can do to help turn your kids into little bookworms? Here is a list of ten ideas to help your children learn to love […]