Anti-Bullying Program Makes a Big Impact at Three Door County Schools


December 03, 2018
by: Rebecca Nicholson
The last week of November students at Sturgeon Bay High School, Sevastopol High School and Gibraltar High School participated in Challenge Day. Using an experience-based learning process the Challenge Day program seeks to break down barriers and build empathy and compassion between participants.
Challenge Day Vision
Our vision is that every child lives in a world where they feel safe, loved and celebrated.
Challenge Day Mission
Challenge Day provides youth and their communities with experiential programs that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth and full expression.
Challenge Day Recap:
“Challenge Day is a social emotional learning day that works to build connection, empathy, and inclusivity between students. The day was about being our most authentic self, by being real and sharing about who we really are. We walk around each day showing people 10% of who we are, but what would happen if we dropped that 10% image and showed people the real us? The day was all about showing others who we truly are, where we really come from, what makes us the person we are today. We did this by forming small family groups and completing an activity called if you really knew me. This was an opportunity to share life experiences that have influenced the person we are today. It gave us the chance to heal, share deep emotional stories that we rarely share with others, and help others understand what makes us the person we are. This was an extremely powerful activity that showed me everyone has a story and you never know what a person has survived to get them to where they are at today. The day taught me that you can’t judge a person by one glance, there is so much more to a person than appearance. In the afternoon we did an activity called cross the line. The Challenge Day leaders announced different scenarios that you may have experienced, and if it was true for you, you crossed the line. Some examples were; have you ever been judged on your appearance, have you ever been in foster care, do you have a family member with a physical or mental disability, did you grow up in a single parent home, has one or both of your parents passed away, etc. This activity really built connection among students and adult volunteers. There is so much power in seeing that someone you know has experienced similar challenges in life. Of all the scenarios that were listed, there was never a time a student crossed the line by themselves, there was always someone else who has experienced that same scenario. Overall, the day was very powerful and impactful. It showed me that you never know what a person has experienced and there is power in showing compassion and love for others.” ~ Dakota Londo
“I went into Challenge Day with an open mind, as these type of events are usually uncomfortable for me. The facilitators did a fantastic job of making everyone feel included & engaged. Before we knew it, students & adults were interacting on a human level without labels & roles being a concern.  
We were encouraged to step outside of our comfort zones, be in the moment, express ourselves, & share openly, without judgment or bias. I believe every person could benefit from experiencing a Challenge Day!” ~ Melissa Andrews
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