This short survey is for parents and/or guardians of children in the Door County area. We know you want the best for your family and your child, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.  By answering the survey questions, Door County community groups will be better able to serve you and your family by providing support, education, events, and activities that fit your schedule, special needs, and interests. You make a difference!  

This survey is supported by UW-Madison Division of Extension Door County in partnership with the Door County Partnership for Children and Families (DCPCF). DCPCG helps children succeed by working together and supporting families.  

You can choose to answer the questions or not- it’s up to you. To maintain confidentiality, all of your answers will be combined with the other survey responses.  If you have any questions please contact Tenley Koehler, Human Development and Relationships Educator, UW-Madison Division of Extension Door County at 920.746.2260 or

Again, thank you for taking the time to help us better understand families in Door County!