Door County Department of Human Services is pleased to provide a series of training opportunities to be used as an ongoing shared learning experience related to topics concerning brain development, health and wellness. We bring these trainings to you with collaboration and partnership from a variety of organizations in our community and around the State. Also listed are upcoming Community Learning and Other Training Opportunities

Training Schedule & Descriptions

Training Materials
if you missed the presentation and the materials were made available to us by the presenter we will keep them here for review.

06/14 – Toxic Stress: The Impact of Adversity on the Brain and Child Behavior – Samantha L. Wilson, PhD
Powerpoint Presentation 

06/07 – Nurturing our Natural Abilities to Seek Health and Wellness – Jonathan I. Cloud
Powerpoint Presentation
Discover Your Sparks
Thriving Indicators

02/22 – Brain Mapping
Brain Mapping Presentation (PDF format)
Sensory Diet Exploration
Sensory Regulation

04/12 – Raising a Thinking Child : I Can Problem Solve
Powerpoint Presentation (PDF format)

05/10 – Client’s Rights, Responsibility and Confidentiality
Powerpoint Presentation (PDF format)